SATYAGRAHA …what is it?

A creative, social enterprise project aimed at raising greater awareness towards human rights and  social justice.

This particular project ‘Satyagraha’ has emerged from the Introduction to Social Enterprise course taught by Dr Teone Reinthal (executive producer of the project).

The concept was inspired by the exciting New York phenomena Def Poetry, and the name Satyagraha was coined by Mahatma Gandhi and suggested to us as our project name by Hannah Erglis. The tutorials are structured around an inductive learning model, which aims to inspire student-driven learning outcomes, and the entire enterprise is being capably managed by our production supervisor Monica Soares.

We have several sub-groups completing the many and multi-faceted tasks that comprise our project; advertising, documentary, research, performance, music, film editing, blog anthology, technical crew, fundraising team, information resources, art design, multi-media and communications, drama group, costume and merchandise. We have a sonic hug group to help us attract attention and plans for bigger and better things… There is a wealth of intensely dedicated, talented and inspiring students driving this project which stretches from Nathan to Logan.

Thursday 27th October….

So …the amount raised by Satyagraha – the Word was  $623.15 – a fantastic effort from everyone that worked so hard to make this happen. $320 of the monies raised were donated to TEAR Australia and $300 have been sent to the minister, Reverend Nick Fa’ata’ape of the Church of the Nazarene at Kingston towards making our heartfelt contribution to the families who were so tragically effected by the recent house fire which claimed the lives of eleven family members.

Wristbands and stickers are still available, plus a few XXL tshirts. Drop us a line if YOU would like to purchase one of our products or you can send your own donation to The Rev Nick Fa’ata’ape at the Church of the Nazarene, 294 Kingston Road Logan 4114 Qld.


Jodi Craig for allowing us to perform at the Joynt, to Bridget O’Donoghue and Steve Reinthal for performing on the night, to Mischa Reinthal for performing, to Blair Marks for donating his time and skill with audio production on the night, to Adam Wolter and James Stafford for use of the multi-cam studio at Griffith Film School, to George for such speedy and best priced t shirt printing, and especially to Dr Susanna Chamberlain for teaching, encouraging and inspiring us all to make a difference, and finally…. to every gorgeous being in my tutes who have contributed their own version of truth and love…

I especially want to thank the production crew:- Moni (superb project management), Anna (angelic beingness), Lynsey (merchandise management), Steve (expertise, time and love), Jane (fantastic raffle sales and team support), Nicholas (camera operating and merchandise), Felicity (documentary film), Sereen (wristbands yay), Mercedes (online communications) Emma (promotions), Ange (merchandise), Shannon (promotions), Olivia (promotions and sneaky windscreen flyers), Brett (camera operating and shield making), Elizabeth (studio floor/live stage managing and camera operator), Keshia (DOP and networker extraordinaire ***), Andrew (DOP, vision mixer and editor) Betty (sonic hugs and promotions… the sonic hug WILL happen) and Tyson (stickers!), Kate (donating the raffle prizes of wine, NY cab picture and headbands) and to Kaylee(moral support, doll wrangling, script consultant) and everyone else who contributed to the exhausting job of raising the money, promoting the gig, seeking avenues to promote the gig, buying stock for our products, utilising so much personal intitiative, donating so much more time than any other first year uni class demands (I saw how hard you worked) and …. for being the elegantly understated behind-the-scenes production team who made this really happen.

We didn’t just talk about Social Enterprise, we didn’t just imagine Social Enterprise. You did it.

To the performers…. well … what more can I say? Great and amazing work. Thanks to the people that improvised and tried stuff, even if it didn’t get performed, (Sai, Tara, Shannon, Josh, Sheena, Myint, Daniel), it all added to the creative development of the project. To Hannah, thanks for being this project’s steel-eyed coordinator, for being so flexible and sensible, for being a hugely resourceful advisor and sounding board, and especially for your help in keeping me sane…

Our filmed and stage performances, as well as our products are also being produced to raise money for community development.

We’d love to expand the idea of charity. We see social enterprise as a much more progressive and inclusive form of social action, a clear model of activism where sustainable resources, education and dynamic forms of creative training are directed towards communities.

We sense that our participation in such socially enterprising forms of community development can deliver more sustainable, ethical and personally empowering outcomes, and we intend to pursue our goals by using:-  our courage, our convictions, our heartfelt commitment to equality, and an unlimited supply of creative initiative.  — Teone

Please read on….

THE FOLLOWING IS EXCERPTED FROM BETTY’s  PROJECT ANTHOLOGY BLOG (still under construction http://satyagraha-thesword.tumblr.com/)

Spoken Word. Spoken Truth.

Satyagraha is a concept born of the great mind of Mahatma Gandhi, as an alternative to violence, oppression and abuse of power. The word ‘satyagraha’ is a combination of the Sanskrit words ‘satya’ for truth and ‘Agraha’ meaning to hold strongly.

When sixty people who’d never previously met came together as part of Griffith University’s Introduction to Social Enterprise course, nobody suspected what we were capable of.  We find ourselves linked by a unified and passionate desire to help the world become a better fairer place for everyone. We believe that it is possible to change the world by holding strongly to the power of truth and love.

We are not waging war, or overthrowing politicians or crushing others to rise to power. Instead, we are reaching out and speaking from our own lived experiences to find the truth that is relevant to all humanity. But most importantly, we support each other with love so that we can each become strong enough to speak the truth for ourselves, and grow as compassionate leaders of the future.

The Satyagraha team is a motley crew of people from hugely varied life circumstances and experience. Most of us had never met before this project, but we are quickly learning that the world is full of dazzlingly beautiful people just waiting to share their stories.

YES! we had merchandise…

Just a few TSHIRTS still available in XL sizes printed front and back $25 or get 2 for $40

and yes of course we have a DVD

all profits from the sale of the CD and DVD

will be donated to TEAR


Bridget O’Donoghue and Steve Reinthal

WWWWRED WRISTBANDS $3 each we still have plenty!

and you can pre-order your DVD by contacting us below.

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