ADAPTIVISM – creative methods for life

Affect: touch the feelings of; move emotionally.

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Adaptivism is a unique system of actor training conceived and developed by Dr Teone Reinthal, specifically aimed at supporting performers develop and hone skills in affective expression. Adaptivism fuels performers with skills to powerfully move, connect with, and touch a limitless repertoire of feelings.

Adaptivism stimulates this capacity through the analysis and structured exploration of affective pathways in scripted and improvised performance. Moving away from stereotypical installations and depictions of emotions, Adaptivism builds core strengths, creative integrity and fitness in emotional/affective play.

The Dark Horse Theatre Group is a studio practice hub (film and theatre) in which Adaptivism is developed. As a socially enabling tool, Adaptivism invites collaboration; stimulating creative practice and collaborative discourse in a world of adversity and opportunity. 

Many of the projects engage young adults at the pivotal threshold of the profoundly important stage of initiation into adulthood. Performative objectives are to develop methods and practices that encourage free thinking and enable confident expressions of self-hood within a creative landscape.



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